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Three problems caused by high protein intake

Three problems caused by high protein intake
Three problems caused by high protein intake
Today, everyone wants to look fit and attractive and for this, they join gymnasiums and change their diet according to the exercises they perform. They begin taking high protein diet because they get misguided by common myth that 'high protein diet is the only nutrient that helps in building muscles'. However, one can not deny the fact that the proteins are the building blocks of our body and it helps in repairing the torn tissues. But, it is also true that one should not get completely dependent on 'proteins' for gaining muscles because our body needs every balanced diet A 'balanced diet' should include both micro and macro nutrients in proper quantity People who take a lot of proteins in their diet often encounter some problems that have a negative impact their health.

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Today, I will be telling you the effects of our body:

1). Bad breath and bad body odour

When we take excess protein, our body goes into a state of Ketosis (Ketosis is a metabolic state in which some of the body's energy supply comes from ketone bodies in the blood). In this state, our body accumulates Ketones and a chemical is released from the guts that causes bad breath. The proteins that we consume, are of chains of amino acids which are a product of nitrogen. When we perspire during training, our body releases ammonia smell which causes bad body odour.

2). Kidney and liver damage

The kidney is a vital organ of excretion. But, due to excess intake of protein, kidneys' work of filtration becomes burdensome as they are now working on removing nitrogenous waste. This causes kidney failure Proteins also release many toxins when they pass through the liver, thus exerting load on the liver also, which causes liver disease such as liver cirrhosis.

3). Osteoporosis

When Proteins breakdown in amino acids, they release many acids and to nullify the effect, our body supplies Calcium. When there is a lack of Calcium, our body supplies Calcium from the bones and this further causes osteoporosis which is a disease in which our bones become weak.

How much protein should we consume?

Now, this is a valid question to ask. If you are a beginner in body building, do not consume too much protein You should start with 0.4 gram protein per pound body weight. For example, your body weight is 132 pounds, then you should not consume more than 53 grams of protein per day. Always take a balanced diet Always remember the words of hippocrates- "everything in excess is opposed to nature".


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