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A few days ago, the Ambani familydhirubhai

A few days ago, the Ambani family had kept the card of Isha Ambani's wedding at the feet of Ganapati Pappa. However, this card was not shown by opening it at that time. On seeing the outer form of this royal card, There was curiosity to look from inside. And finally, the eagerness of all the people has ended.
A few days ago, the Ambani familydhirubhai
A few days ago, the Ambani familydhirubhai
Today, on an Instagram, someone shared a video that shows the cards of Isha Ambani's royal wedding card from inside. When this card made in gold color from the outside is opened from the inside, there are four different design bins in it. And from the time when a box was opened, the picture of Mother Lakshmi is seen as opening the box.ambani family tree in english
However, there was no box prepared for it. This box can be guessed, they have a tremendous design. Do you know Isha Ambani's wedding will take place on December 12 this year.Although it is not yet decided that Isha Ambani's Bhai Akash Ambani will also be married on the same day or not.Even till now, Isha Ambani's marriage is coming to her notice.
 All of you remember in 1991's superhit film 'Hina', a beautiful Pakistani heroine, Ziba Bakhtiar, who is now away from Bollywood. Yes, Zina, who is seen in the movie Hina, is celebrating her 56th birthday today and she has signed Bollywood from Hina. At that time people enjoyed the innocent face of Joe, and his first film earned him a lot. Now do you know that what Zaheb has been missing from his first film has gone missing and now what are they doing nowadays?

Please tell us how you like Isha Ambani's wedding card. And justify this post.


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