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1. Nut mix:

Top 10 protein filled snacks

It is a snack which is a combination of dried fruits and nuts. It is a very good source of protein Sometimes chocolate will also be added to make it more delicious. It is usually a mix of almonds, pista and dry dates. But it could be a combination of any dried fruit / nuts which depends on your taste and carving.
2.Greek yogurt parfait:
Top 10 protein filled snacks
Top 10 protein filled snacks
Greek yogurt is amazingly rich in protein. Snacks out of green yogurt could be absolutely delicious and highly filled with protein. Greek yogurt parfait could be made by adding granola or berries in layers and adding greek yogurt as much as you want which is completely free to you on how much you love, on the top of it.
3. Veggies yogurt dip:
Veggies are rich in other minerals and contains a lot of other nutrients too, but if you are choosing for a protein rich diet, you can choose make a yogurt dip for you cut veggies. Yogurt dip could be made by adding a little lemon juice, herbs or other flavourings depending on you choice of taste. For a easy grab, you can keep it separate small containers.
4. Boiled eggs:
Top 10 protein filled snacks
Top 10 protein filled snacks
Top 10 protein; consisting of A hard boiled egg would be another healthy choice for those who seek for protein packed snacks.
5. Peanut butter:
Peanut butter contains a lot of protein due to the presence of peanuts in abundance. It is a great snack.
6. Energy bites:
It was made of nuts, dried fruits, nuts or even food seeds of your choice. There is no need of wasting time on cooking
7. Cheese slices:
It can be surprising but it is true that cheese is healthy too. One slice is enough to make a snack It was added with bread slices for yummy sandwiches. Cheese is the best source of calcium and phosphorus.
8. Apple with peanut butter:
Top 10 protein filled snacks
Top 10 protein filled snacks
Another fruitful snack for a healthy day can be none other than apple slices with a dip. There is a famous quote "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away". Apple taste more delicious after taking a dip in peanut butter. It is absolutely heaven. Give it a try!

9. Protein shakes:
Top 10 protein filled snacks
Top 10 protein filled snacks
It is made of a protein powder which contains in-market, eggs / soy, and pea protein. It is beneficial as it is a feeling of fullness after drinking it. It is a liquid food. It is quick to prepare. The powder is mixed with milk or hot water, give it a shake and consumume.

10. Oatmeal Snack:

Mix a half cup of oatmeal with a half cup of milk, for flavor you may add peanut butter or chia seeds or your choice of anything. Place the jar containing all the ingredients. It will be ready


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