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Important general [ knowledge questions for various ] "government exams 4

Important general knowledge questions for various government exams 4
Below are the important current affairs and general knowledge questions for various government exams.

Question is taken from the question papers of government recently

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Q.1 Michael D. Higgins is re-elected as the President of which country?

  • A. Iceland

  • B. Netherlands

  • C. Ireland

  • D. Cuba

  • Correct Answer - C

Note - Michael D. Higgins has become the President of the 7th consecutive times. The capital of Ireland is Dublin. The new President of Brazil will be Zaire Bolsonaro.

Q.2 Every year, Ramzan Festival is celebrated before

  • A. Before 13 days

  • B. Before 11 days

  • C. Before 19 days

  • D. Before 17 days

  • Correct Answer - B

Note - This happens because in Islamic Religion, they follow moonar calendar which is composed of 354 days. And in the solar calendar there are 365 days, due to which is an gap of 11 days every year.

Q.3 Kawaguchi lake is in which country?

  • A. Japan

  • B. China

  • C. South Korea

  • D. Indonesia

  • Correct Answer - A

Note - This was in news because recently President Shinzo Abe and Prime Minister Modi was having tea near this lake. India and Japan signed 6 agreements

Q.4 Which country has got a fine of 500,000 pounds on Facebook?

  • A. Germany

  • B. France

  • C. Britain

  • D. U.S.A.

Correct Answer - C

Q.5 In which city will the largest "DRY DOCK" will be made in India?

  1. A. Kochi

  2. B. Panji

  3. C. Vishakapatnam

  4. D. Mumbai

  5. Correct Answer - A

Q.6 Ghogha - Dahej "Ro-Pax" service started in which state?

  • A. Rajasthan

  • B. Gujarat

  • C. Madhya Pradesh

  • D. Jharkhand

  • Correct Answer - B

Q.7 Gobi desert is located in which country?

A. China

B. Japan

C. Kuwait

D. Jordan

Correct Answer - A

  • Q.8 Which country is the International Court of Justice located?

  • (A) Netherlands

  • (B) United States of America

  • (C) United Kingdom

  • (D) Germany

  • Correct Answer - A

  • Q.9 World Hindi is celebrated on ______.

  • A. 10th January

  • B. 15 January

  • C. 17th January

  • D. 17th December

  • Correct Answer - A

  • Q.10 India's first cyber police station was set up in _____________

  • A. Kochi

  • B. New Delhi

  • C. Bengaluru

  • D. Chennai

  • Correct Answer - A

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