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The 12 reasons why women leave their love man!

The 12 reasons why women leave their love man!
We often hear happy long-term relationships and some of their significant stories. Indeed, some events or events help us to understand that it is very important for a man and his lover to take care of each other. However, we sometimes forget in our busy lives that each other should consider us as important. Those who deserve true attention, love and respect in all areas of life. Provide love and support to your partner, not only when having good mood, but also give them the best time in every way.

The things are quite simple and clean. Work hard on your relationship, before it's too late. Now, see some reasons that may be responsible for the failure of the relationship.

1. Being vague and insensitive to her

Is it really difficult to make your wife emotionally available and show her the comfort and love she needs most when she needs it? It is very important to feel safe if he is somewhat concerned about life.

2. Dictate

Always remember that nobody can force force, it is not a good idea. It's important, you make sure you talk to your wife in a humble way and have a constructive conversation with her.

3. Do not spend time with her

You need to understand the importance of spending a good time with your partner. Some people are very busy with their work, but always try to give regular time to the partner.

4. Always compare

Men should always give their wives real appreciation and do not compare with those who are good with your wife.

5. Do not appreciate her

It is important that you embrace your wife every day, you can kiss every morning. If not, remind him and praise him on time.

6. Not providing enough personal space

It is important to give your wife her personal space. He needed it. Every person, it may be male or female, needs some time for every kind of psychology of life.

7. Lying to him

Integrity is an integral part of a firm and lasting relationship. It is an important characteristic feature that men should understand.

8. Not show enough faith

Belief in a relationship is the key. It is very important for men to have full faith and confidence in their partner for experiencing a healthy relationship in the long run.

9. Be very selfish

Every person has some needs and requirements, but women hate those men who are selfish.

10. Absence of physical intimacy

Often many men lose their desire for physical relationships, this issue ends many relationships.

11. No effective communication

If you are outdoors or are out of work for a whole day, you should regularly check that your partner's relationship gradually becomes worse.

12. Losing curiosity to each other

After some time if you do not give your wife the necessary love and attention then you may adversely affect your relationship later on.


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